Step Forward.

Who We Are

A group of reformed churches from Southern Ontario working to spread the gospel throughout Brazil.

Gospel Action Brazil is an ongoing mission project in Village Campestre, Maceió Brazil. 

We work mainly in Maceió, with one congregation establish in Maceió within the federation of the Igreja Reformada do Brazil (IRB).  Gospel Action Brazil is now focused on supporting the ongoing outreach and mission aid work.  Alongside the mission project, we have been helping to fund a Christian elementary school in Village Campestre, Maceió.  The Escola Cristã João Calvino, which situated right beside the church, has been running at near capacity since 2003.

Gospel Action Brazil was established with the intent to investigate and institute reformed churches in Brazil. Over the years, a number of different missionaries laid the foundation, and now Rev. Abram de Graaf continues this work.