Step Forward.

Who We Are

A group of reformed churches from Southern Ontario working to spread the gospel throughout Brazil.

Message from the Mission Chair (JL 2014):

In 1993, Rev. John Kroeze established a congregation in Maceió under the supervision of the Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church with the support of the churches that now form Classis Ontario West and Classis Niagara. Rev. Abram de Graaf continued Rev. John Kroeze’s work, and by the grace of God, in 2012 the congregation in Maceió came to institution within the federation of the Reformed Churches in Brazil (RCB).

Although the church in Maceió has instituted, the work in Brazil is not complete. The Reformed Churches in Brazil have made it very clear to the two sending churches in Canada that they desire to have our missionaries continue their work in Brazil, and have even requested that we send more missionaries. The Brazilian churches have emphasized the need to have our missionaries support them, both by strengthening the existing churches as well as by spreading the gospel through the means of preaching, teaching, and administering the sacraments.

The Lord continues to open hearts across Brazil, preparing those He has chosen. Now, as sending and supporting churches, with the blessing of our faithful Father, we continue to work in the field that He has prepared for us.

Message from the Mission Aid Chair (RV 2014):

In prayer, and by the guiding hand of God, Gospel Action Brazil seeks to assist in fulfilling our mission mandate. To do so, the we give support to the missionary so that he may concentrate on preaching the gospel, and providing Christian relief and development aid to needy people on the mission field, focusing especially on those within the household of faith.

Currently Gospel Action Brazil helps to fund a grades 1-5 school in Maceio Brazil where 127 students from the community and church in Maceio receive a Christian education. Parents from children outside of the congregation are continually engaged throughout the year with events such as Easter and Christmas. These parents are provided Bibles and opportunities to become involved with the church community. We also provide support in other various ways that allow this church to grow and advance. We do our work with the insistence that the gospel is central to each ordinary project. 

Gospel Action Brazil is an ongoing mission project in Village Campestre, Maceió Brazil. 

We work mainly in Maceió, with one congregation establish in Maceió within the federation of the Igreja Reformada do Brazil (IRB).  Gospel Action Brazil is now focused on supporting the ongoing outreach and mission aid work.  Alongside the mission project, we have been helping to fund a Christian elementary school in Village Campestre, Maceió.  The Escola Cristã João Calvino, which situated right beside the church, has been running at near capacity since 2003.

Gospel Action Brazil was established with the intent to investigate and institute reformed churches in Brazil. Over the years, a number of different missionaries laid the foundation, and now Rev. Abram de Graaf continues this work.

Alongside the support received through the mission activities of the Canadian Reformed Churches in Ontario, the work of Gospel Action Brazil is funded via the generosity of a larger supportive, community. There are so many ways to step into view. It starts with gratitude for our growing global family. Pray, give, connect, share. Step into solidarity!

Our mission mandate in its broadest form is to “go out and make disciples of all nations”. This mandate is not limited to a particular time or place, but continues wherever it can be done (both locally and abroad) until Christ returns. Rev. de Graaf has been called as missionary to spread the Gospel in Brazil, and, more specifically, to help establish and institute a church in Maceió within the Igreja Reformada do Brasil (IRB) federation. As part of his work, Rev de Graaf is also involved in the activities of the IRB federation through, for example, teaching at the Theological seminary, being a counselor, being a church visitor, and a delegate at the synods. Hamilton, too, has been involved within the federation by providing financial support for the Theological training center. That work has been blessed and, as a result, there is a faithful, growing federation in Brazil, with ministers, office bearers and church members who are brothers and sisters in the Lord.

With the institution of the IRB in Maceió, the formal mission work Gospel Action Brazil has changed. However, there is still much work to be done in Brazil for the IRB to become a flourishing and self sustaining federation Eventually, though, the time will come, the Lord willing, that foreign involvement will no longer be necessary. Gospel Action Brazil intends to continue its work in Brazil directly with the IRB federation in the foreseeable future. It will continue to evaluate the need to support the Mission work on an ongoing basis looking at factors such as growth in numbers of indigenous ministers and evangelists, commitment by the IRB to provide resources in the spreading of the gospel, financial stability of the federation, and commitment of local support in Canada.