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The sponsor a class program is presented as an opportunity for contributors to direct their donation directly to a classroom at John Calvin Christian School (ECJC) in Maceio. The funds will be used by the class to purchase specific materials that are either not covered under the normal annual budget or have been a desired request of teacher and students alike. For example, in the past we have been blessed with funding to support the upgrade of desks.
For the 2015 education year, the education committee of ECJC has requested funds to be provided for the 5th grade to help replace aging in-class teaching and support materials specific to the 5th grade.
Youth groups, businesses, and other group fundraisers (think pancake breakfasts) may find this to be perfect way to support the school. Sponsorship in this program will be recognized with a thank you from the class and details on how your donation was spent during the current school year.
The school's focus is to raise $360 per student, with a target of 25 attending students, for a total of $9000. If, through your generous support, the goal is exceeded, funds will be allocated to provide for an additional grade at the suggestion of the ECJC education committee. Progress for this program will be updated monthly here on the site so that all current and potential donors can see how our work together is succeeding.