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books for learning
The sponsor a kit program is presented as an opportunity for contributors to help alleviate the cost of annual student learning materials at John Calvin Christian School (ECJC) in Maceio. The funds will be used by the school to fully subsidize the cost of the core materials (grade specific workbooks, etc) each student needs for the upcoming school year. These materials are purchased every year for every student, and consider consumed by year's end.
In Maceio, families who desire to send their children to a school that teaches reformed Christian education, and not to the local public school system, are sensitive to the total cost of enrolment at the school. Through this sponsorship program, which results in the elimination of the cost of each students core learning materials, parents are relieved of this fiscal roadblock.
Individuals and groups who want to help out through a larger than normal one time donation may find this to be perfect way to support the school. Sponsorship in this program will be recognized with a thank you from the education committee and details of what supplies were provided for the current school year.
The schools focus is to raise $200 per student, with a target of up 100 attending students, for a total of $20,000. This program is specifically for the registered students of the upcoming school year, and therefore the final donation target may change. When all students have registered we will share here what the updated target is and our progress. If, through your generous support, the goal is exceeded, funds will be allocated for the following school year. Progress for this program will be updated monthly here on the site so that all current and potential donors can see how our work together is succeeding.

Colored pencil
White glue
Portuguese dictionary
Ream of paper
Cardboards (different kinds)

Laminated paper
Felt paper
Styrofoam glue
Notebooks (copybooks)
Gouache ink
Crepe sheet
Multiplication table
Calligraphy book