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child sponsorship
The sponsor a child program is presented as an opportunity for contributors to direct their donation towards overall tuition reduction at John Calvin Christian School (ECJC) in Maceio. The focus of this sponsorship program is to help make reformed Christian education more fiscally accessible to the Maceio families.
The success of this program will also help to keep the school fees low and competitive with other private schools in the area. It will also set the groundwork for school growth in new activities, services and the like.
All individuals and groups who desire a personal connection with a student may find this to be perfect way to support the school. Sponsorship in this program will be recognized with a thank you from the school, printed communication at least twice within a school year from your sponsored child through Gospel Action Brazil, and short biography on the student your have sponsored.
As mentioned above, the funds raised through this program are to help the overall tuition costs of the school, and not that of a specific child only. Gospel Action Brazil still wants to promote a personal connection between the attending students, their families and their sponsors. Therefore the volunteers both at the school and at Gospel Action Brazil feel that by sharing in the lives of a specific child, you, our sponsors, will also develop a connection with the overall student body and help in its health and spiritual growth as a whole.
Sponsorships for each student are $30 per month or $360 per year. If, through your generous support, the goal is exceeded, funds will be allocated to provide for new students not sponsored in the upcoming year. Progress for this program will be updated monthly here on the site so that all current and potential donors can see how our work together is succeeding.