Step Forward.

Gospel Action Brazil has been involved in a number of different mission aid projects over the years. These include a sewing project, a card project, a used clothing project, and the establishment and operation of the Escola Cristã João Calvino (literally, “School of Christ John Calvin” or, John Calvin Christian School). These projects have been carried out with varying degrees of success and longevity. However, the major focus is now the support of the school.

The school is located in Village Campestre II, a poor neighbourhood in Maceió. Under the motto “Qualified Christian education within each and everyone's grasp”, the school provides a Christian education in five grades for approximately 100 children ranging from five to ten years old. The school began operations in 2002 using space in the Igreja Reformada do Brasil church building. In 2004, with funding from the supporting churches, DVN (“De Verre Naasten”), and the CRWRF (Canadian Reformed World Relief Foundation), a school facility was built beside the church building. The school now receives ongoing operational funding from supporting churches in Classis Niagara and Classis Ontario West, while also self-funding a portion of their budget.