Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

Maceio recently hosted synod for the IRB churches. Some highlights from synod include: considering the future form and shape of the Theological College; appointing a standing committee for examination of graduating seminary students; interaction with Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church regarding long-term planning; and an official, approved text of the Nicene Creed (in Portuguese).

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School and church continue in full swing in Maceio. The difference, of course, is that the students are looking forward to the end of school in a few months. Plans for a covered area behind the school are being made – this will be a much-needed improvement, as the current play area is dirt, and gets quite muddy when it rains.


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The church in Brazil continues to be active and grow, despite socio-economic challenges. Socialism is a major force in Brazil, as in neighbouring countries. The economy is unstable, and though it is nowhere near as bad as in Venezuela.

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This past month in Brazil has seen the continuation of solid work by many members of the churches in Brazil. We received the Acts of the recent Synod in Recife, and were thankful for the evidence of continuing maturity in the churches.

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May's update comes to you from Maceio! Gospel Action Brazil sent a visitation team to Brazil to interact with the people and organizations that keep the wheels turning in the IRB (Brazilian Reformed Churches), and specifically, those in the Maceio area. We have met with Maceio council, Rev. De Graaf, and the Education Committee for John Calvin School.

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