Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

It's time for another Gospel Action Brazil (GAB) update! Much has been happening on both sides of the ocean. In Brazil, school is in full swing. The staff are excited to not only teach the children, but reach out to the parents as well. Many of the parents come from Pentecostal or other backgrounds, with a different exposure to the Bible. This year, there are 62 new families that can experience a Reformed approach to the Gospel! We pray that the Lord will bless Escola Joao Calvino as a Kingdom-building tool.

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The new year has come and gone since our last update! Although January is typically a month where Brazilians go on holiday (like August in Canada), much has been happening in Brazil. In Maceio, preparations continue for a new preaching point in the city. It has not been without setbacks – efforts to purchase or even rent a suitable location have been frustrated. The church in Maceio continues to look and is determined to get the preaching point off the ground, with or without a new church building.

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With the season of Advent upon us it is great opportunity to look back at the year and reflect upon the many blessings we have received. We would like to highlight some of the many things we have reflected upon when it comes to our work in Brazil alongside Rev. de Graaf and his family, the church in Maceio, and the IRB federation.

This past year Rev. de Graaf celebrated 25 years in active ministry. What a wonderful milestone. God has continued to bless him with gifts to teach at the seminary, assist with synodical committees, preach the word in the churches in Brazil and prepare for the next leg of outreach in Salvador Lira. The Lord has granted good health and safety to the de Graaf family and has safely guided them to Holland and back during this past calendar year.

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