Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

While we enjoy summer in Canada, Brazil is deep in the throes of winter - of course, their winter is like our summer, but rainier. Nevertheless, our missionary, Rev. DeGraaf, has been keeping busy as always.

He has been teaching catechism lessons to several newer converts; conducting Bible study with two separate groups of people in Maceio that are just being introduced to reformed theology; preaching in various congregations of the Refomed Churches of Brazil; preparing lessons for September and October for the seminary in Recife. Rev. De Graaf has also been working closely with Lucio, the newly ordained Brazilian minister who will be anchoring the new preaching point in Maceio. Rev. De Graaf has been mentoring Lucio for some time, while he was a student at the seminary, and now as an ordained minister. This partnership has borne fruit in many ways, the latest being contact with a group of people in Carpina (near Recife, about 4 hours away). They were able to hand this off to one of the churches in Recife, more specifically to one of the seminary students, Madson Marinho. There is also contact with a church in Olho de Agua das Flores that has requested help to turn from a charismatic church to a reformed one. It seems that new groups of people pop up at every turn, with a thirst for the Gospel and some serious, reformed theology. We pray that the new preaching point in Maceio can be a real spark in the community, and bring the Word to increasing numbers of Brazilians.

Please pray for vigor and enthusiasm for Rev. De Graaf, that he may find strength to do his task, and to balance his workload. Pray for Rev. Lucio Manoel, that he may receive wisdom to complement his energy, and that he may learn from Rev. De Graaf. Pray also for those people in Maceio and surrounding areas that are either hearing the Gospel for the first time, or seeing it in a new light, that the Holy Spirit could work openness and faithfulness in their hearts.