Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

At the time of our last update, Rev. De Graaf was in Canada, and had a very productive visit. He was able to present the work in Brazil to many different people, at schools, churches, and other gatherings. The boards and committees of Gospel Action Brazil were also able to reconnect with him in a meaningful way. Meeting face to face is much nicer than skype or email conversations!

Some pictures of his visit are available on Gospel Action Brazil's facebook page (along with a video of the “Bom Dia” song!) Upon his return to Brazil, Rev. De Graaf plunged back into the swing of things, preaching, teaching catechism to a number of new believers, and preparing for his time teaching at the Brazilian seminary in September and October. Lucio Manoel, who was called by the church in Maceio to work in evangelism, was ordained on June 5. He is continuing the work he started as an intern, often working hand in hand with Rev. De Graaf. In addition to two bible study groups in Maceio, he is in contact with several other groups of people interested in the reformed faith. An increased internet presence is bearing fruit, but requires wisdom to know how to proceed, as some groups are 4 hours or more away! Please pray for continued vigor for Rev. De Graaf and Lucio, as they continue what seems like a never-ending task! Pray for the Lord to raise up more evangelists in Brazil, as there is a thirst for the Gospel, and a huge mission field. Pray also for wisdom and insight for the churches in Brazil, that they may be effective witnesses in their country and cities.