Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

May's update comes to you from Maceio! Gospel Action Brazil sent a visitation team to Brazil to interact with the people and organizations that keep the wheels turning in the IRB (Brazilian Reformed Churches), and specifically, those in the Maceio area. We have met with Maceio council, Rev. De Graaf, and the Education Committee for John Calvin School.

We could hear about the property that was purchased in Salvador Lyra (a neighbourhood of Maceio), and plans for the new preaching point there; enjoy a dinner celebrating Rev. De Graaf's 25-year anniversary in the ministry; and hear about the challenges and blessings of church life in Maceio. On Sunday, May 3, we were blessed to be able to worship in Maceio and partake of the Lord's Supper there. What a blessing to see and share the earnest belief of fellow believers halfway around the globe! At the time of this report, we are preparing to travel to Recife to observe Synod. We pray that the Lord will bless the efforts of the brothers there and continue to grant growth and maturity to this federation. We have seen first-hand the enthusiasm and growth of the IRB, but we also recognize their continuing need for support. In a country of 200 million people, dominated by Roman Catholicism and various Pentecostal groups, and riven by poverty, this tiny church federation needs support from brothers and sisters abroad. We treasure your prayers and donations! Please remember the congregations in the IRB, as well as the many house congregations; the school in Maceio; and the church council members and pastors that bear heavy loads shepherding their flocks.