Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

February and March have been busy months in Brazil! Carnaval has come and gone, and with it, the annual church retreat in Maceio. The lifestyle of a Christian in Brazil is often in stark contrast to the expectations of a socialist, secularist, and often hedonistic, society. As a good example of this difference, the church in Maceio hosted a reformed symposium in the month of March, dealing with the Canons of Dort and the five points of Calvinism. They held a number of lectures with many different speakers, radio shows, sold books as part of the Five Points Reformed Library (an ad-hoc book sale for the symposium), and doubtless enjoyed many meals together! What a blessing it is to see such a level of commitment and the ability to organize and advertise a well-attended event!

February also saw another Faithworks trip to Maceio to work on building a more permanent library for the church and school. We hope that this will be able to be a good resource for students, church members, and for those seeking more information about the reformed faith. For more information about the trip, and future trips, talk to one of the many volunteers that went, or check out the Faithworks website or facebook page.

Another cause for celebration is the examination of three graduates of the seminary in Recife. Lucio da Silva, Iraldo Lunes, and Marcel Tavares passed, and were declared eligible for call. You may recall the name of Lucio, who is interning in Maceio and working closely with Rev. De Graaf on evangelism activities there.

The Reformed Churches in Brazil have proclaimed a day of prayer on March 27. There has been a considerable amount of political strife and economic upheaval in Brazil recently, with allegations of mass governmental corruption, yet the churches recognize the need to honour those in authority and pray for them. Please join the IRB in praying for Brazil and the churches there on March 27th.