Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

School and church continue in full swing in Maceio. The difference, of course, is that the students are looking forward to the end of school in a few months. Plans for a covered area behind the school are being made – this will be a much-needed improvement, as the current play area is dirt, and gets quite muddy when it rains.


No doubt this will provide some relief for the teachers as they worry about muddy feet after recess. Since the school and the church are next door, this may also be useful for church gatherings. Plans are also being made to turn a storage room into a library – there is a FaithWorks trip scheduled in February to help this happen. There may still be a spot or two left on the team!

Rev. DeGraaf remains as busy as ever, teaching at the seminary, preaching in various churches, and evangelizing in the Maceio area. He will celebrate a birthday on Nov. 15! He will also be in Canada at the end of May/beginning of June. He will be available for speaking engagements and preaching. Please pray for Rev. DeGraaf and his family, the ongoing work of evangelism, and the school. We make many plans, but we know that they will come to fruition with the Father's blessing.