Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

The church in Brazil continues to be active and grow, despite socio-economic challenges. Socialism is a major force in Brazil, as in neighbouring countries. The economy is unstable, and though it is nowhere near as bad as in Venezuela.

The church in Maceio continues to spread the Gospel in many different ways. The property for the new preaching point is still under review – it has been purchased but is being looked at by an architect. Work on building the new structure is expected to start soon, but red tape tends to slow things down in Brazil. This hasn't dampened Maceio's enthusiasm for sharing the gospel! A group of people in the neighbourhood of Benedito Bentes has expressed an interest in the Reformed faith, and has been studying under the guidance of Rev. De Graaf and Lucio Silva (the intern/evangelist). They have had a lot of informal contact, including worshiping at times in Macieo. There have also been more formal study evenings covering topics like irresistible grace.

Regular lectures are also being planned, as both an evangelism tool and a way to strengthen the congregation's knowledge. Areas of interest cover the text of the New Testament, Reformed education, church planting, TULIP, and christian politics. Social media is being used quite well in the way of Facebook – Maceio's facebook page is updated regularly with a new theme each week, such as the confessions, singing in worship services, and christian worship. For those interested, the page is Maceio– Reforma Protestante.

Please pray for the church in Maceio, that they may continue to have zeal for spreading the Gospel. Pray also for the group in Benedito Bentes, that they may be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.