Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

This past month in Brazil has seen the continuation of solid work by many members of the churches in Brazil. We received the Acts of the recent Synod in Recife, and were thankful for the evidence of continuing maturity in the churches.

Some highlights include: another seminarian being allowed to start his internship (at the successful conclusion of internship, students are examined and hopefully declared eligible for call); approval of institution of a new church, Imbiribeira (an outgrowth of the church in Recife); increased contact with other reformed-leaning churches in Brazil; and reports on the work of many more committees. While it's encouraging to read these items, it is worth noting that much of the work falls on the shoulders of the same people year over year. This comes as no surprise, since we have it seems to be the same in Canada and wherever you go; however, considering the small size of the churches in Brazil, this represents quite a commitment for these brothers and sisters. Let's remember to pray for them.

The sending churches in the West (led by Aldergrove Mission Board) have called two more men as missionaries – one to replace Rev. VanSpronsen, who has accepted a call in Canada and will be repatriating by the end of the year; and a third missionary to aid with the work there.

If you follow social media, you will have noticed that the Reformed Reading Room in Recife (a library/bookstore specializing in Reformed literature) has had a few recent additions: a book on prayer by Rev. De Graaf; and a translation by Rev. De Graaf and others of a Dutch book on Job. Several more books will be published in the coming months. Rev. De Graaf is a member of CLIREF, a federational committee tasked with translating suitable material into Portuguese. It is satisfying to see the fruit of their labour!

For more information, have a look at Updates are frequently posted there, as well as links to social media and other sites. This month, please remember especially the following in prayer: members of the many federational and local church committees; the missionaries and those men considering calls to Brazil; and the work of CLIREF in translation.