Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

It's time for another Gospel Action Brazil (GAB) update! Much has been happening on both sides of the ocean. In Brazil, school is in full swing. The staff are excited to not only teach the children, but reach out to the parents as well. Many of the parents come from Pentecostal or other backgrounds, with a different exposure to the Bible. This year, there are 62 new families that can experience a Reformed approach to the Gospel! We pray that the Lord will bless Escola Joao Calvino as a Kingdom-building tool.

Rev. de Graaf has been keeping busy as well. The translation committee has finished two books, a commentary on the Catechism, and a book on Job. The next step is to apply for ISBNs for these books, which can take some time. Hopefully they will be ready in time to be presented at the next synod in May. Rev. de Graaf has also been busy at home – his wife Celia recently had a hysterectomy, so resting up is the order of the day. Everything went well, but she will need to take it easy for 6 weeks. Please keep her in your prayers! Rev. de Graaf has also been dealing with some dental problems for several weeks, and as yet has an unfinished root canal.

In Maceio, planning continues for the new preaching point. A location was found, and the congregation has approved it, so now it's down to the paperwork. However, in Brazil, this can't be taken for granted. Hopefully we'll have some news in time for the next GAB update.

In Canada, a dedicated team of volunteers has been working hard on the new GAB website ( It features eye-catching graphics, social media tie-ins, tons of information, and best of all, links to donate on every page! Interested individuals can sponsor a child or a school kit, and groups or businesses can sponsor a whole class.

That's our update for this month. Here are a few items to hold up in prayer: continued success at the school reaching out to both students and parents; a good recovery for Celia de Graaf; energy and vigour for Rev. de Graaf to balance home and work life; success in getting the new preaching point up and running; and blessings on the GAB website as a way to promote mission work in Brazil.