Step Forward.


Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

With the season of Advent upon us it is great opportunity to look back at the year and reflect upon the many blessings we have received. We would like to highlight some of the many things we have reflected upon when it comes to our work in Brazil alongside Rev. de Graaf and his family, the church in Maceio, and the IRB federation.

This past year Rev. de Graaf celebrated 25 years in active ministry. What a wonderful milestone. God has continued to bless him with gifts to teach at the seminary, assist with synodical committees, preach the word in the churches in Brazil and prepare for the next leg of outreach in Salvador Lira. The Lord has granted good health and safety to the de Graaf family and has safely guided them to Holland and back during this past calendar year.

The church in Maceio has continued to shine the light of Christ in their community. They have established plans to open a new preaching point in Salvador Lira, have continued to support evangelism efforts in the local community, and have spent time focusing on the school and the long range vision for sustaining and developing the school.

The IRB federation continues to grow and establish itself as a federation of churches. The churches could come together at two synods this year where they could discuss the future of the seminary, synodical committee work and their relationship with churches abroad, including the continued cooperation in evangelism efforts with Canada and the Canadian Reformed Church federation. Most noteworthy was the opportunity for the delegates to examine three students from the seminary with a view to these men completing their seminary training.

Finally we can be thankful for the continued work of boards and committees back here in Canada as we continue to support our Missionaries and the work being done in Brazil. We want to take the time to highlight the fact that we are now out there in social media land. Our promotions committee has been working hard and we have now officially launched our website, Facebook and twitter page. Please check us out for regular updates on the work in Brazil.

May God bless you during this Christmas season and in the year to come.

Suggested matters for Prayer ....

  • Rev. Ken Wieske and his family have returned to Brazil. Continue to pray for them as they settle back in and as Rev. Wieske continues his work
  • Pray for a blessing on Aldergrove’s calling of another missionary for the work in Brazil.