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Updates on the ongoing mission and aid work being performed.

Spring Synod has wrapped up in Brazil for the twenty-eighth time! As mentioned on Facebook, each time Synod meets it is more autonomous and more Brazilian. As small as the federation in Brazil is, it is wonderful to see the growth and maturity in these brothers and sisters.

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While we enjoy summer in Canada, Brazil is deep in the throes of winter - of course, their winter is like our summer, but rainier. Nevertheless, our missionary, Rev. DeGraaf, has been keeping busy as always.

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At the time of our last update, Rev. De Graaf was in Canada, and had a very productive visit. He was able to present the work in Brazil to many different people, at schools, churches, and other gatherings. The boards and committees of Gospel Action Brazil were also able to reconnect with him in a meaningful way. Meeting face to face is much nicer than skype or email conversations!

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February and March have been busy months in Brazil! Carnaval has come and gone, and with it, the annual church retreat in Maceio. The lifestyle of a Christian in Brazil is often in stark contrast to the expectations of a socialist, secularist, and often hedonistic, society. As a good example of this difference, the church in Maceio hosted a reformed symposium in the month of March, dealing with the Canons of Dort and the five points of Calvinism. They held a number of lectures with many different speakers, radio shows, sold books as part of the Five Points Reformed Library (an ad-hoc book sale for the symposium), and doubtless enjoyed many meals together! What a blessing it is to see such a level of commitment and the ability to organize and advertise a well-attended event!

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The Lord continues to bless the work in Brazil, and especially in Maceio! You may recall from previous updates that there was a group of people from the neighbourhood of Benedito Bentes that expressed an interest in learning more about the Reformed faith. Several of them have now requested membership and are taking introductory classes with a view to being examined by council.

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